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Inspired by Izzy Gomez, founded by famed restaurateur Sam DuVall, Izzy’s is one of San Francisco’s oldest and best kept secrets. The like-minded duo are kindred spirits that would be faithful dining companions if they sat across the table in the same era. Both share a devotion to good food, generous portions, an adoration for the arts and an allure for the clandestine. 

The original Izzy’s was a Barbary Coast saloon defying Prohibition and known for its thick steaks, colorful patrons and bootlegging lore. An avid history buff, and serial restaurateur, Sam re-imagined Izzy’s in 1987, resurrecting Gomez’s legendary establishment. After all this time, we’re still family-owned and have become a San Francisco tradition, even being awarded the City of San Francisco’s coveted “Legacy Status.” Harboring a host of truths mixed with tall tales, we continue to serve authentic, crave-able dishes that don’t pander to trend. 

Give your taste buds a thrill as you carve into our seared 21-day wet-aged beef or savor our fresh-caught drunken prawns. Top either of these classics with our curated selection of condiments and pair with our sides of Izzy’s famous potatoes and creamed spinach. True to Sam and Izzy’s vision, we’re dedicated to providing value for dollar, hearty portions, tall pours and a lively atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a date night or group gathering, our dynamic duo has you covered. 

Izzy Gomez

A friend to everyone, from the down and outers to the famous and favored.