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We serve classical American Dinners!

Americans were raised on great steaks, wonderful chops and potatoes...and that is what our menu focuses on. We also serve great accompaniments such as cream spinach, Izzy's own potatoes (potatoes au gratain), baked potatoes, in-house cut french fries (never frozen), and fresh vegetables.

Our steaks are from corn-fed USDA Choice Midwestern Beef. We serve the same quality beef that has made the great American steak houses famous for over a hundred years.

Our pork and lamb chops are the very best #1 quality and are sure to please the most sophisticated diner.

The fish at Izzy's is always fresh (never frozen). Our salads are great California classics and all of our desserts are made in house.

We strive to provide you with a memorable that has taste memory for you, in hope that you will soon return to our table.


We proudly serve only humanely raised USDA certified corn fed Black Angus beef from Creekstone Farms .  They share our commitment to naturally raised beef free from hormones and antibiotics.  Our steaks are aged to ensure maximum flavor and tenderness, so that each bite is as juicy and delicious as the last.


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KQED's Check Please!

Izzy's San Francisco was recently featured on KQED's Check Please! Bay Area. Click here to watch the episode.


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